iPhone 5s – What it Offers Users

iPhone 5s

Just like every other release of the iPhone, the consumer cell phone market has been buzzing about the release of the brand new iPhone5s. As usual, Apple fanatics have been flocking to stores across the country eagerly anticipating the opportunity of getting the new iPhone. If you’re not an Apple guru, you may be questioning whether or not the new iPhone5s is totally worth its cost. We’ll give you a quick rundown of some of the new features that come along with Apple’s latest release and help you make the decision on your own.

Longer Battery Life

Any previous iPhone user knows that the battery has always been a little bit of an issue. Those who have experience the previous iOS had even more problems before a bug was released, as it was only last fall that batteries seemed to be draining faster than ever. This gripe is nearly eliminated as even with all of the upgrades of the iPhone5s, the battery lasts longer than ever, even when you’re on a 4G network. Go ahead and surf away. Your new phone can take the heat.

Faster Processor

Those who use the iPhone casually might not notice processor issues, but those who love technology will be happy to know that the iPhone5S has a processor, which is going to be nearly twice as fast as the processor in the previous model. For those of you who live and die by your smartphone, this feature should be right up your alley.

Improved Camera

The iPhone 5s comes with an upgraded camera for higher resolution pictures. Other photo features have been added to the new phone including a slow-motion photo stills feature. The iPhone is know for upgrading and improving the phones camera with every new model.

Overall the iPhone5s is a great purchase. If none of these features interest you that much, and you’re only interested in what the iOS7 can do for you, go ahead and stick with the iPhone5. But if your hand is glued to your phone, than you already know that the iPhone5s may be right for you and your everyday needs.

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