Apple Development Appeal on the Rise

Apple Development Appeal

A web app consulting company based in San Francisco becomes Apple’s most recent acquisition. The purchase re-enforces Apple’s commitment to the HTML 5 platform development for its iAD product pages as well as its Both Apple apps reside with Apple’s burgeoning web applications. HTML 5 is the platform engine for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Apple is doubling down on its investment of HTML 5 app development as its popularity continues to find its way into a growing number of new, light weight products with embedded applications such as Chrome OS and Android devices, along with a broad range of upcoming portable telephony and other media devices.

Well known for its deep pockets, it is believed that Apple shelled out around $400 million for Anobit. The price it paid for Particle was not disclosed. Both companies join a new stable of recent Apple acquisitions which include app search company Chomp, (which has since been closed) and Flash memory maker Anobit. Particle enjoys a symbiotic relationship with Apple’s other interests exemplified by iAds, iTunes Extras and Many analysts believe that this technology will drive media content and advertising for the next decade and Apple has no intention of missing the boat.

Among the Particle staff that chose not abandon ship and stay on as Apple stakeholders include Particle founder and CTO Aubrey Anderson who has a history with Apple. Anderson acted as an Apple consultant between 2006 and 2008. Apple usually refrains from announcing new acquisitions. But perhaps its affiliation with Timberlake enhances Apple’s celebrity status.

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