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The latest advancements encapsulated in HTML 5 encompass two concepts. First, it represents a new language for HTML. It contains new elements, attributes and behaviors. Secondly, it represents a more advanced set of technologies that provide for more diversified web development tools and applications. As an open source platform, HTML 5 is available to all open web developers. The new technological advancements provided by HTML 5 falls into 8 categories:

Semantics– Permits content to be described more precisely.

Connectivity– Provides server communications in more innovative ways.

Offline and Storage– Permits websites to keep data on the local client side and improve off-line efficiencies.

Improved Multi-media– Thanks to HTML 5, video and audio capabilities have been vastly improved.

2D/3D Graphics and effects– Offers a greater range of presentation options.

Performance and Integration– Improved hardware performance and faster optimization.

Device Access– Allowing for more input-output devices.

Styling– Giving authors the ability to write more sophisticated themes.

Improved graphics provided by HTML 5 represent a major enhancement over the former standard for Windows 8 and Internet Explorer. Bars, charts, graphs, diagrams and other elements can now benefit greatly from the new 2D geometry rendering. Metro-style apps will also benefit from HTML 5 Canvas and SVG technologies. The development of the new hardware tool dubbed Target Independent Rasterization for the Windows 8 will reduce the number of CPU cycles necessary to convert to Direct3D. Direct 2D convey drawing instructions faster and more efficiently. Video improvements allow for the much bigger role that video will play in future HTML 5 development.

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