Why Most Web Firms are Trash

As the owner of a web firm that has been open for over 12 years I want to discuss my experiences “Why Most Web Firms are Trash“. Countless times I have been approached by clients and customers who have had a bad experience, failed project, or underwhelming delivery of their business website. There are numerous reasons that most web firms in 2022 are trash and here are a few of the most important reasons people are getting scammed by web firms.

0:00 Why Most Web Firms are Trash Introduction
0:56 Lack of Experience and Skills
3:01 Over and Under Pricing
5:01 Delivery of Unsatisfactory Websites
7:06 Lack of Professionalism
9:57 Why Most Web Firms are Trash Conclusion

If you are interested in seeing more videos about “Why Most Web Firms are Trash” on our YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hpsyOkmxLM.

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