Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology corporation producing computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services.

Coding: Visual Studio Code Overview

Visual Studio Code is a popular enterprise code editing software that is available open-source from Microsoft. Visual Studio Code has become one of the industries most popular code editing software applications available. 0:00 Overview 0:46 Welcome Page 1:25 File Management 2:40 Search Features 2:45 Version Control 3:05 Extensions 3:23 Wrap-up Find out what makes Visual …

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Technology Takes New Dimensions

Microchip Technology, a leading U.S. manufacturer of semiconductors, has announced the introduction of the first controller that recognizes electrical fields in three dimensions. The controller is then able to capture the 3D field and map its exact measurements. The new chip replaces what essentially consisted of variations of camera-based motion recognition systems. These systems required …

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Google, Apple and Microsoft Shift Core Businesses

These days, it’s difficult to know what business a tech company is in. Microsoft is in the tablet business and Google is manufacturing smartphones. In the meantime, Google has entered the robotic auto manufacturing business. Investors must be scratching their heads to understand the core business in which they thought they were investing. It appears …

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New Microsoft Tablet Surfaces without a Single Leak

Microsoft was able to maintain a tight lid on the new tablet introduction. Typically, new product launches in the tech industry are riddled with leaks big enough to make the Titanic appear seaworthy. This is evidenced by recent product introductions such as iPhone 5, Wii U and Samsung’s Galaxy 3. That’s why everyone was actually …

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